Outlook 2010 won't display all images in preview pane

This just started recently. Most messages come through with images but certain ones, and it seems to be from the same senders, the just have a place marker......the little box with the red X. The pic below is from Woot.com. If I open the email in another email program, the images are there so it isn't on their side.

I have looked at the Trust Center and that is set correctly.


Any ideas?


Not familiar with 2010, not rich enough to own it yet. But did you remember to tell it to show all images from this sender?

I fixed this but in a strange way. I went to my other computer with Outlook installed which was working correctly and used Easy Transfer in System tools to only transfer system settings. You have to go into the customize option to make sure that it doesn't transfer anything that you don't want. Also make a restore point on the computer that you are transferring to so that you can back it up if there is a failure of some type.

Anyway, it worked. Don't know what it changed but I am all happy now.

That sounds like you made it for every email you receive. That is dangerous. People have been sending viruses in jpegs for years now. Just be carefull.

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