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Windows 7 Outlook Express Missing


New Member
May 7, 2009
I just installed Build 7100 and find that Outlook Express is not listed in the All Programs entry from the Start Menu. There are instructions for setting it up, but they start out by having me click on the non-existent "Outlook Express" entry. Anyone know where it might be hiding?
Yes, they stripped it out.

If you have a Vista Computer, you can copy the c:\Program Files\Windows Mail folder

transfer that to the Windows 7 machine.

Download Unlocker to delete the Windows 7 files contained within the C:\Program Files\Windows mail and replace them with the ones from Vista.

Download Unlocker here:
Link Removed - Invalid URL

After yopu install Unlocker it will appear on the right-click menu. Choose each file, then choose Unlocker and a dialog box will popup Under action, choose delete.

If a box comes up stating there are other processes using the file, choose Delete,, then Unlock All.

Now double-click on winmail.exe.. you can also drag a shortcut to the desktop

Credit goes to jimbo45 for this hack.
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The initial 'Getting Started' screen of Win7 has a link to 'Windows Live Essentials' and suggests you download the apps
you need. One of those apps is Windows Live Mail, (This is NOT webmail): http://download.live.com/wlmail
The link is useful, as you always get the latest version that way, instead of being handed a stale app from the Vista DVD. Windows Mail has received no development work since about July 2006, so it is not a great idea to go to the trouble of using it. From Windows Live Mail, you can import all your old Outlook Express settings.
Apparently you have migrated from XP direct to Windows 7 (?) ,so maybe do not have access to the old Windows Mail anyway, as outlined above?