Windows 7 Outlook express???


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I have office home & student 2007 installed on my PC and I cannot find outlook express at all (it was installed when I ran vista but somehow vanished). And every version I try and download on the net tries to get me to buy office.

Is there no Outlook supported yet on 7? If so anyone have a link to a version I can DL?

nm i just DL'd thunderbird easy as pie....
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Windows Mail is the default mail client in Windows 7, but Window LIve, which includes a better mail client, is available for free download.
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One of the great things I loved about OE was the news reader. I've tried others, but I like the look and layout of OE. Does Windows Live Mail include a newsreader for NNTP?

If you have a Vista machine, you can copy the entire contents of the C:\Program Files\Windows Mail to the Windows 7 Machine.

You'll need to download Link Removed - Invalid URL to delete the files in the C:\Program Files\Windows Mail on the Windows 7 machine.
I'm running Windows 7. I'd like to get OE back. I didn't use OE for mail but I did use it as an NNTP client. And I want it back. I guess that means I'm going back to XP Pro for another 5-7 years.

Why do they have to break stuff that works.
Hmm. Yeah I remember that when I tried Vista. But now I need to do a Vista install somewhere to get Windows Mail and try it out.

Thanks for the reminder.
I like the newsreader function in Windows Live Mail slightly more than OE, although it's not better in every detail.

About the only OE feature that I miss is that, when you add someone to the kill file, OE offers to delete all the messages from that poster. (Windows Live Mail cannot do that, as far as I know.) It's a small thing.