Outlook will not save password

Installed Office XP and set up a mail account, entered password and clicked save, however when attempting to send/receive mail I have to reenter password. This a problem with Win 7 as I did the exact same thing with a reloaded copy of XP and do not have the problem. Any ideas?


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Are you running it in compatibility mode? Try the compatibility troubleshooter by right clicking on the start icon.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I have tried running it in XP mode with SP3 compatability. On a side note once I receive my mail and close Outlook, there are two windows that are displayed, however they disappear so quickly they are unreadable. I have also checked that the directory tree that contains the .pst file has open permissions on it.

The XP disk is the second disk on this machine so it rules out a possible hardware problem.


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You might be able to see the windows by hitting pause, since you know they are coming.

You also might be able to experiment with the Snipping tool and capture a picture of the desktop or maybe hit print screen when the windows show up.

Thanks, I will try that. I installed Win 7 on an old laptop last night and had the same problem, so I may be able to capture it on that machine since it is way slower than the other machine. Ironic that MS still has support for Lotus, but not their own products.

I did find a link on MS Tech that said it had something to do with the way 7 handled the files structures and that they were not going to support XP office unless someone wanted to write a Hotfix for it However the subject also covered the same problem in Office 2007 so I wonder how reliable the info on the link is.

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