outlook xpress to live mail?

Hi guys, please can someone help me.
I am new to livemail, i have just installed Windows 7 on a new harddrive, a fresh install as previously I have been using XP pro and could not upgrade directly.

Before removing the XP hdd, I backed up my email account settings from outlook xpress to .iaf files, exported my address book as a .wab and copied my mail folders which are .dbx files to my separate D:/ drive.

My question is, how do i now get the mail account settings, email folders and address book into live mail?
I cant see any way?

I have tried manually entering my account details (i have 4 separate email accounts) but only one seems to be working. I'm assuming some of the settings i have manually entered are incorrect.

I have since tried to reconnect my old XP hdd to go back into outlook and make a note of all the settings, but for some reason it seems i may have corrupted the windows on that drive :eek: and it wont boot. So i really need to be able to import the .iaf files into livemail if possible.

Thanks in advance.

Forget livemail.... install outlook and import your dbx outlook express files from outlook Office 2003 has Outlook ..Do a custom install ...word / excell / powerpoint / outlook ..you don't need the full suite of MS Office


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If OE is available to you, you can import the mail direct with the Windows Live mail - File - Import option. But here is a page which will help you to complete the whole process. It is very strraightforward.
Outlook Express & Windows Live Mail

The account settings can also be imported. through the Tools -Accounts _ import, facility.

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Thanks RAK, I got it working, I followed that guide, the one thing it doesn't mention is that you have Togo to the small menu at the top right of livemail and show the menu bar before you can see the file command. After that it was straight forward. Cheers.

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