Windows 7 Over/underclocking causes freeze


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I don't know if this has been addressed before.

In build 7000 32-bit when I change the FSB in the BIOS (or using nVidia tools) it freezes and requires a reboot. My CPU is already overclocked to 3GHz when I installed it and I can't change it without said freeze.

Just a heads-up.
I have my nvidia card overclocked with no problems...
from 270mhz to 320mhz (core)

unfortunatley my mobo isn't overclockable so I cant help you on that end...

but I do know when I overclock too much... it freezes & hangs up... & I have to reboot....

be cautious!

I used to get freezes and BSOD with Vista when I overclocked my system too far, requiring re-boot or BIOS re-set.
But with my new processor; AMD 8750 3 core 2.4Gig which is unlocked. I just change the CPU multiplier and leave the clock alone.
I am currently running the CPU at 2.9 Gig with a multiplier of 14.5 and all the voltages set to auto. This has been stable now, where-as when I was running Vista, I had problems even approaching this speed.
My overclock settings for my Q6600 @ 3.4Ghz 8x425, 1.35vcore, works fine both in Vista and win7. Graphics card is stock.