P2P is blocked!

Hey everyone,
I have recently upgraded from Bigpond 12GB ADSL internet to 200GB ADSL2+. Ever since the upgrade i cannot access any Torrents or Limewire (i don't use limewire but family members do). This is a real annoyance because 200GB without torrents seems like a waste. I have tried it on 4 different computers with no success. I am using a 2WIRE 2701 HGV-E and it will not work. HOWEVER if i plug in my 2WIRE 2701-A modem then it works. So i think maybe some ports have closed or something (not sure), i need some help fixing it please.

ps. i would use the 2701-A but it doesnt have WiFi and in a house with 8 Laptops that doesnt work too well.

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Unfortunately P2P is a banned topic

but torrents are legal? its just some certain torrents are not.

No, discussion of P2P is not banned. However, discussion of obtaining/using/cracking any material offered for sale is.

Yes, there are lots of valid reasons for someone to be using P2P. Yesterday, I downloaded the latest beta of Ubuntu because later on today I'm going to install it on an old IDE drive I have laying around.



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Indeed torrent is a good place to find large amounts of perfectly legal content, I wasn't aware limewire was known for legal content, has that gone legitimate now?

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Limewire is P2P the same as any other P2P. Unless there is actual infringing discussion that needs to be given infractions for (so please don't do so! heh heh), I'd be inclined to believe that any usage is within rights.
There is no law in any country or state, as far as I'm aware, against installing and actually running any specific P2P application. So that being said, I would say that discussion of the app itself does not break any site rules.

ok so back to the question... any ideas?

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