Paged fault in non paged area

Hi all,

So I've been trouble shooting my laptop over the last year or so, going over different threads and speaking with support professionals (some of which are personal friends of mine). Many of the problems I was having have been resolved, however I still occassionally get a BSoD error that is pretty consistent, and that's the paged fault in non paged area. I've looked in to the possible causes of this problem, which include issues with my RAM (which I have recently replaced and ran the memory check function in windows with the extended test feature, no errors found), problems with my motherboard (which I'm hoping is not the case), and possibly having a faulty HDD(this is what I believe to be causing my problem). I have recently replaced my PSU having determined that this was causing a host of errors, and I've been crashing much less, but I still get this occassional crash.

It's my understanding that my system information will be displayed when I post, since I've updated my profile with most of my specs. If not, my apologies and I'll be sure to reply with relevant system info.

I also ran HDTunePro this evening, and it did come back with one bad sector on my hard disk. I took some screenshots and will be attaching them as .png files. I'm also attaching a .txt file of the most recent crash, it was an event code 41. 27-August-2011_20-03.png 27-August-2011_20-07 ram  read test.png 27-August-2011_20-14 disk monitor.png 27-August-2011_20-17 health.png 27-August-2011_20-21 benchmark.png View attachment event 41 crash.txt

I suppose that I should also include that this error happens most frequently while gaming, and has only twice crashed while watching movies via netflix.

Just replying to keep this thread active, if anyone has any ideas I'd greatly appreciate the input.



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If you are getting a BSOD, you might want to jump over to that forum and read the sticky about what they may need to analyze your system. A dump file might give more specific data about what is going on.

If it happens during gaming, possibly something is getting hot. The video drivers can be involved in such a situation, but hard to tell without more info.

Funny your post shows 3 days old and I just saw it.

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