Pagefile Problem In Windows 7 RC

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    Jul 7, 2009
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    Hello all...

    I have been struggling with a difficult problem with my pagefile not working in windows 7 RC.

    Every time I start the computer and log in (Even in safe mode) It opens the performance options window (found under control panel > system > advanced system settings > Advanced tab > Performance area "Settings..." button > advanced tab) and under virtual memory says that there is no pagefile on my drive.

    However, my windows installation was done using an internal drive inside a laptop then placed into a usb drive enclosure and is now running from there with this problem.

    When running windows 7 from the drive internally, the pagefile works fine.

    Here is what I've looked for and tried:

    I have enough free space for the recommended 1500MB pagefile (146.8GB free).
    I have 1 gig of ram (904MB actually).
    I have made sure the permissions on my C drive are correct.
    I have tried setting a pagefile in safemode and with different accounts (even the built-in administrator).
    I have tried making a new partition (fat32 and ntfs) and setting a pagefile.
    I have tried making a minimal 16 MB pagefile to expand it later.
    I have tried copying a working pagefile in place.
    I have tried adjusting the pagefile settings in the registry.
    I have tried using the Ultimate Boot CD 4 Windows to make a pagefile.
    None of these have worked.

    Here are my technical specs:

    Windows Build: 6.1.7100
    System Manufacturer: HP
    System Model: HP Pavillion dv2000
    System Type: x86-based PC (Not enough RAM for x64-bit install)
    Processor: AMD Turion 64 x2, 1600Mhz, 2 Core
    Physical Memory: 959MB (Its actually 1024MB, but some is used for the graphics chipset, no way to disable)
    Disk Drive Model: WDC WD16 00BEVS-60RST0 (USB Device)
    Video Card: Nvidia GeForce Go 6150
    Firewall: Windows7 builtin
    Antivirus: AVG Free (Irrelevant as problem exsisted before it was installed), Windows Defender
    Downloaded Beta From
    No other Operating Systems installed.
    All Drivers up to date.

    Note about running from usb drive:
    This is simply accomplished by loading usb drivers sooner during startup.

    The drive can be placed inside the laptop and it works properly, But for everyday use It Has to be in the USB drive enclosure. (Otherwise the drive will overheat with temperatures hot enough to burn your hand! Could not do anything about this.)

    Things I have not tried:
    Re-installing or doing a clean install or installing via a virtual machine.

    Any ideas would be appreciated!

    Regards, Alex. (aka nunchuck)
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    Jan 26, 2009
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    Could you explain this in better detail?

    When you go to Disk Management, does one of your drive letter indicate a pagefile?

    Have you performed a search for pagefile.sys?

    Do yoiu know what is causing the overheating problem when the drive in installed in the laptop.

    I'm assumming this is how it was purchased, correct?
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    Hey RagHakr, thanks for taking the time to see if you could help me....(sorry I wasn't clear on some things :frown:)

    Okay, first, In the performance area options, It says "total paging size for drives: " and is blank after that.
    All drive letters say no pagefile is used.
    (You can set these settings via Disk Management? I had no idea! Please reply or send me a PM on how to.)

    When I try to set a pagefile, it asks for a restart and shows the same window on restart indicating that there is no pagefile. (I tried, once, to shut it down after setting the pagefile, copied over a working pagefile from my vista computer and restarting seven on the laptop. No luck.)

    I have looked for pagefile.sys and have not found it. (Set search to manually search system and not use index.)

    As for the overheat problem.... still working on that one... I haven't found out why, but I think it's just the way the system was made. Another possibility is that some components were replaced / serviced because it was an "open box" laptop purchased from Fry's Electronics.

    As for whether or not it was like this when it was purchased, I cannot say... It belongs to my sister who said she was having minor problems after a month of use (chkdsk wanting to run at startup, crashes, ect.)
    The service person she took it to said it was due to a virus! (Not Possible >.<)
    Her original hard drive stopped working a year later.
    Got her a new drive, a USB drive enclosure, a Mandriva linux install, and a never ending stream or calls for help with this and that.

    The problem obviously got worse over time as the drive, when installed internally, gets hot enough to burn my hand in 30-45 minuets...

    Again, thanks for telling me about some things I forgot to mention...
    I don't have internet where I live so it's hard to get to the internet some days...

    Regards - Alex.
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    Hello Alex,

    No, what I meant was to see if the one of the drive letters stated page file

    As an example I have two hard drives installed. In Disk Management, my driver letter G: states Healthy, page File, Primary Partition. Do you see this in Disk Management?

    Do you have more than one partition?

    I have set drive C: to None, and then created a custom size of 200 - 2000 under the G: drive.

    What is the exact error message you receive when trying to set the pagefile under Performance Options Advanced tab?

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