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Is it true that Paint Shop Pro X2 is not compatible with Windows 7? If so, is there a patch for this.

First of all Paint Shop Pro x2 is fully compatible with Windows 7, I am running Paint Shop Pro X2 on Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.


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If Super Sarge says it runs in Win 7, it probably will, but I have a couple of observations you might consider.

It says it is certified for Vista, not Win 7. It is also on sale for almost half off (until Nov 23??). Both of these things leave me to believe they are about to come out with a newer version. I did not check, but are they offering a free upgrade to a newer version?

I went to Corel web page I did not see any newer version offered but they had a big reduction in price for current version. Hey they may be strapped for cash in these economic times:confused:

I have a 32 bit laptop and the Windows 7 program that was given to me contains both 32 bit and 64 bit disks. I read on one of my PSP Groups that PSP X2 won't work on Windows 7. Someone suggested the PSP X2 Ultimate might, but not the regular program.

I have the ultimate. I can find no other verion of X2 other than ultimate. There is no other X2 than ultimate on the Corel web page. Now there was a Paint shop pro XI and a Pro XI. If you have X2 I believe is is ultimate, as I said I can find no other version of X2 on the Corel site other than Ultimate.

I have the box in front of me and it says Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2. Can't find anywhere on the box that says Ultimate. Right after I bought it, they put out an ad for "The Ultimate". I didn't bother buying it, but now am wondering if it had the patche(s) that I will need for Windows 7.

Just try installing it, if it can not be installed W7 should tell you if it cannot be installed, also check with Corel

I did find a just an X2 not an ultimate. I went to look at my software disks for Ultimate could not find them or the box. Thank heaven you can down load a trial version, I can then if needed activate from it as I made a written copy of the serial number from the About section under help in Ultimate it shows the serial number in that section. I also made a copy of installation files Corel paint Shop Pro puts in a folder during installation. In case I ever need to do a clean install of the program again.


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I use PSP X2 myself and theres no compatibilty issues...nor can I find any mention of the word "ultimate" on mine.

I have the standard PSP Photo X2 running on my new computer using Windows 7 64 bit and I find that when installed I had to reset all the preferences otherwise none of the palettes or toolbars appeared. Another issue relates to the materials palette. When I have the colour management enabled the materials palette goes black and refused to show any colour. The colour picker indicates that it is reading colours but the small screen is black. If I untick the colour management box the colours leap back into life. Any ideas about how this could be corrected?


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I use PSP X2 myself and theres no compatibilty issues...nor can I find any mention of the word "ultimate" on mine.
Yes PSP X2 fully compatible with windows 7 . I am running the 64X version of windows 7 so any issues would show up :D


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I have both X2 (2007) and X2 Ultimate (2008). I purchased both by accident LOL. I am using X2 Ultimate on Win 7 and it works just fine. I use it daily. One of the differences is that with Ultimate you get a background remover plugin and a 2 GB USB Flash Drive which I love! Here is link at Corel that compares the difference between the two.

A friend of mine also has both and I believe she has tried both on Win 7 without a problem. We both have X32 Home Premium.

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Hi SuperSarge! First of all I must say you have a monster for PC. You're a hard worker, aren't you? I just wanted to add a little comment about Corel PSP X2, it's totally compatible with Seven no doubt BarbaraGrace be sure! And by the way, is there any chance to get a copy of your PSP X2 already activated or with your serial it's for my personal usage. I'm retired(65), live in Argentina and has no mean to buy it legally. I'm trying to learn as much as I can. I'm very sorry to ask you for such a favor but have not enough resources. Thanks for your understanding and kindness. Regards. God be with you.

No I can not give you my key to x2 I no longer have it. I also am now using X3 and will not give a key out to something that is registered in my name. It is also advisable not to ask for program keys on this board, because any one that gives their key to another person is in violation the license they purchased. Sorry about this answer I know it is not what you want to hear, but it must be this way.

Thanks anyway, it's totally comprehensive and it was one of the answers I could get, you're full right. My kindest regards.
PS: If someday you decide to sell PSP X2, remember me and we'll see how I can paid you for it. Thanks again.

But why does it tell me I only have four days left?

I hope this question leads on sufficiently from the thread topic to justify posting here.

When my old XP running machine gave up the ghost, I replaced it with a much faster machine running Windows 7.

Paint Shop Pro X2 (from a download, not CD) was quickly installed, the serial number stuck in and, barring a certain dislike of the way it now looks, happy and much faster photo editing ensued.

Today, I saw a window pop up asking for registration. Keying in the serial number failed to light the "Continue" button. I have four days, it tells me, to deal with the situation before something, presumably at least unfortunate, will happen.

The "About" option in the "Help" menu of the programme does show the correct serial number so why the pop up?

What can I do to ensure that I will still be happily editing photos in five days time?

Re: But why does it tell me I only have four days left?

Hi mwali, it looks as if you have installed a trial version, time is running away and you have only 5 days go on trying. I downloaded a similar version and couldn't register nor activate. Sorry bro we have to buy a license. Kind regards.

Re: But why does it tell me I only have four days left?

There are two windows for entering numbers. At the very top, but less conspicuous, is the serial number box. In the main dialog window is a more prominantly displayed box for an activation code. If you punch in a serial number here the continue button will remain greyed out. I think the activation code is only used once, when you first buy the product, because I haven't had to re-enter that number yet.

Also, keep in mind PSP X2 is 32 bit software. It may not run on Windows "Home Edition" 64 bit. Only Windows Professional 64 bit and Ultimate 64 bit have 32 bit modes for running 32 bit software.

I have had for sometime paint shop pro photo x2 but recently my pc crashed and I can't find my original disc to reload. can anyone suggest or help as corel just say it is out of date

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