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Hey guys,

I'm having troubles setting up my KX-P7100 printer on Windows 7. Previously before I upgraded, my father had installed the printer successfully on Windows Vista which generated the same amount of problems though somehow solved it. However, my father is out of the country and I have no where to turn to for help to fix my printer. I've read people's errors by searching on google and their mysterious fixes, though I don't understand what they're doing. Any help is appreciated. Here is a thread I was on:

Panasonic KX-P7100 - Microsoft Windows Vista Community Forums - Vistaheads

There are 1-2 different method solutions on the internet, they need to be googled. Any help is appreciated!


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I don't even seem to be able to find the printer on the Panasonic site. But if you have an older printer, you might try installing and running the drivers in compatibility mode. I had an older HP scanner that worked fine in Win 7 32 bit mode.

If you are running a 64 bit version of Win 7, you may be out of luck.

Thanks for the reply guys. They don't have the drivers listed for the printer I have since they don't have plans. This has been going on since Vista. Though if you google fixes for it, there are solutions but I'm not sure if I'm doing them right (Cause they aren't working when I attempt them) Or they only work for fixing vista, not Windows 7. Any help is appreciated. I want to buy a new printer but laser ones are real expensive and I have no clue if ink jets are worth the money.

Hey thanks for the reply,

I did see this all in one printer (Which we really need) for $40 dollars new. It was an ink jet too. Though I did do research on it and said that HP makes more money selling ink then the printers themselves. My guess on a cartilage costs 30 bucks and by the statistics it can only print 170 pages per cartilage? Is this true? :S

Oh, we don't print photos and don't plan too. Black and white is all we need as well.


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You don't have to buy HP ink, you can buy cheaper ones. Also, you get some refund when returning empty ink cartridges so look into it.

Alright I'll look into it. Says laser is used for documents only, which we only print (such as homework). But what the heck, we'll see. Thank you!


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• In the final analysis of the printing press, the decision based on what you want to use the printer.
• Laser cheaper to produce large amounts of text, while inkjet is ideal for photo printing at home.
• If everything goes to print text in an office, where speed and calculate the cost, a laser printer is the ideal choice. If you are unable to buy a printer for any reason to consider a holiday in the printer in the short term.
On the other hand, if you plan to rent or to buy a printer to print documents and photos casual, an inkjet is a good choice.

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