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    :p For those who don't already know Panda is yet another antivirus software company. There are sever products in there range including the regular antivirus "Panda Antivirus Pro", the piggy-in-the-middle "Panda Internet Security" and the big cheese "Panda Global Protection".
    Panda has recently begun developing for Windows 7 users :D the first and only Windows 7 compatible release so far is Panda Global Protection 2010 - and guess what? - it's up for beta!
    You don't need to sign up - just follow my link, download the software and when you go to activate your product it will only ask you for your email address - no serial numbers or any of the usual crap.

    ANTIVIRUS compatible with Windows7 - ¡Panda Global Protection 2010! - PANDA SECURITY

    A descent antivirus, for a descent OS, for nothing. Only downside is the 'beta' thing but I have had no problems whatsoever so far :)

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