Part 2: Officer who blocked emergency room put on administrative leave

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    The Chattanooga Police officer who was accused of interfering with a man trying to bring his wife to the hospital last week has been placed on paid administrative leave.
    Officer James Daves nearly collided with a car driven by Eric Wright last Wednesday when Wright drove through a red light at 3rd and Central.

    Quote from the article:

    He followed Wright to Erlanger where Wright claims he was blocked from entering the emergency room.

    Officer Daves’ police report on the incident directly contradicts Wright’s claims, but the department has not made any comment on the discrepancies in the two stories other than to say that Daves was “doing his job”.

    Daves will be on leave until Internal Affairs can conduct a full investigation.

    The most damning claim in the story happened when Jesse was told by Daves to turn himself into the Hamilton County Jail, where he would be charged with a felony. Jesse claims that when he asked what felony he would be charged with, Daves said “I’ll think of something you sh– head.”

    When Jesse went to the jail the next day, with a television camera crew following him, there was no record of any arrest warrant.

    Then on Friday, Erlanger security came to Aline’s room and informed Jesse that he was under arrest and they needed to take him to jail after all.

    Once there, he was charged with assaulting a police officer, disorderly conduct, reckless endangerment, evading arrest, two red light violations and registration violation.

    Because of the nature of the charges, he has now been suspended from Erlanger without pay until the matter is resolved.

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    'Tis such a shame that my home town has to use something like this to gain national recognition.

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