Windows 7 Partial Freeze after log-in


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Hey guys,
I've been using RC Windows 7 since release. I had a few problems to start with but fixed them.
Now, out of the blue, when I log in, all applications freeze like windows explorer, task manager etc. I can't open any new instances of any software but already open non-system software like MSN and Chrome Firefox still operate as normal.

I get roughly 20 seconds of un-interrupted access to all applications after log-in then I have to log-out and log-in to get anything going again.

Safe-Mode works perfectly, i have gone into msconfig and disabled all start-up processes but still screws up, I've uninstalled ATI drivers and used windows standard as I thought it might be an issue because when logging off the screen goes black for a few seconds.

This is what I have access to:
CTL+ALT+Delete works perfectly, if i open task manager it freezes
MSN and internet browsers work if opened before freeze
Logging off and on seems to reset and give few more seconds of uninterrupted input

The only time I got it working was opening a program (ATI Catalyst uninstall) that requires a force close on logging out. When it asked for force close I said no. Which makes me think that it is a processes that has started up which is freezing all other processes but when is closed, doesn't automatically start-up unless logging-in.

Thanks for your help, I will re-install if nothing else works

E8500, 4gB, 4870 512mb
Problem solved, somehow a "Relevant Knowledge" service was installed without my knowledge that was locking up the system