Partition Extended drive not visible

Hi all,

I have installed MS Vista on 50GB partitioned drive from an overall 74.5 hard disk space. I left the other half to install Suse Linux 10.

After installing MS Vista, I could not see the other half of the partition drive I created using Vista partition feature during installation. Any ideas how to get this displayed on Windows Explorer or DOS prompt?



I'm going to assume you have 3 partitions then? 1 for vista 1 for user data and 1 with Suse Linux (not counting the swap partition of course)

You probably need to format the partition you created with Vista, if you right click on my computer and go to manage, there's a disk management console in the tree within the window that appears, you should be able to see that extended partition and format it to ntfs (or whatever filesystem you want)

If it's just 2 partitions, Vista and SuSE linux, you won't be able to view the Linux partition as Vista doesn't support the ext3 or ext2 filesystem automatically, there are 3rd party solutions, such as ext2ifs that will install the driver needed to view and access the linux partition.

Hi there,

Thanks fo your comments. I can see the other half of the partitions on Disk Management. I could not find a way to format it. I assumed there would be a right click format option on the unformated 24.45GB?

Once formatted can I view the other drive from MS Dos prompt to install the other OS?


so, if I understand correctly, you created a 50 gig partition for Windows Vista, and you created an extended partition within that 50 gig partition?

If you did that this way, then it should be visible. However if you created the extended partition under SuSE linux, you may have a problem with that one.

Yes, I created an extended drive with 24.45GB capacity using Windows Vista partition feature before installation. I have not installed Suse Linux yet, but will do soon once I find a way to get the other drive visible, formatted and ready for installing a new OS.

I was asking how can I format the other extended drive from Vista, Is it possible? If yes, how?


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