Partition issues during install

I have a ubuntu computer that I am trying to dual boot windows 7 on. I downloaded the DVD ISO from the microsoft site, and burned it. In my pc I have a 16 GB ssd that I have ubuntu installed on and a 1.5 TB spinning drive for data. I don't have enough room left on the ssd to install windows 7 so I partitioned 50 gigs of my 1.5 TB drive to NTFS to install windows in. I ran the installer, and it lets me get to the point of selecting where to install, I select my new partition (it is my only NTFS partition so I can't try a different one) and click next, and I get an error message something like windows cannot install on this partition please check the install logs. I am not exactly sure what the message says, If it is important I can try to install again and post the exact message. I have tried deleting the partition with the windows installer and making a new one the same way, but I got the same error. I then tried formatting that partition, and got the same thing. What am I doing wrong? I am trying to install the 64 bit version. I have a phenom II black edition 3.0Ghz, 8GB OCZ Reaper DDR2 RAM running at 1066, a Gigabyte motherboard, a NVIdia gpu (something in the GeForce line dont remember exact model number), a 16 GB ssd and a 1500GB spinning drive. Thanks for all answers!!


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Is the SSD the first drive in the BIOS boot order?

Is it a Primary partition you are trying to install to?

The error message may well be useful.

Yes my SSD is the primary drive in the boot order, yes it is a primary partition. Thanks!!


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You could try setting the HD first in Bios boot order - mark the 7 partition active - see if it installs then.

You would then need to configure grub to boot windows and set SSD back first in BIOS boot order.

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