Partition letter gone...


I have a computer with Windows 7 professional. (it is the only OS installed)

Today Morning when i logged in, my D drive was missing. Even in device manager, i couldnt find the drive. space was being shown as free space.

What could have happened?

the support guy came, created a new partition with letter D. And the used file recovery software. Whole data was there, however, now names of all files have been changed as numeric names :(

What happened and what should i do next time if it happens again?



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Your'e quite lucky to have got your data recovered. You shouldn't wait for it to happen again - just make sure you maintain up to date backup copies of all your important data. Depending on how important the data is you should consider maintaining multiple copies. I have three separate complete copies of my data drive stored in three separate places.

yups.. i agree..

however - what could be the reason?


Hi Ajay, that’s a strange occurance for sure. If you have odd problems like that in the future, I hope you are using the MS helpdesk guys at Microsoft Support , they are pretty good at solving problems. Best, John C. Windows 7 Professional Outreach Team


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What have you considered to be a possible cause of the problem. Did you do anything that might have removed the partition or the drive letter? Have you added additional drives, or changed the drive connections? Any external drives/flash drives?

Any chance you might have a virus? Do you hear any strange noises when your hard drive runs?

Any unusual behavior or electrical interruptions?

Did you look at the drive with Disk Management to see if the partition was still there but without a drive letter?

Are you running any type of virtual drive or any such software? Any encrypting software or something that might try to hide a partition?

If you think about what has been happening with your system over the last few days, you may remember something that could lead to an answer.

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