Windows 7 Partition or new hardrive


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Jan 26, 2009
I was thinking about installing win7 on my desktop, however i only have one internal hard drive (and one external). Backup is not a problem, however i was thinking about just buying a 250 or 320 gig internal and using that to install win7 (that way i could keep my vista partition completely separate). Ive never used 2 internals before nor have i dualbooted and on that note i was wondering if i buy another internal drive, install win7 on it, and dual boot with my vista will i be able to access the data on both drives (ie music) when im using either OS. (ie boot win7 and access my videos in my hard drive that has vista installed on it).
also, 32bit or 64bit? (i have an intel core 2 quad Q6600)

using a dual boot will let you see the files on both drives at the same time.

personally i keep all my music on the backup drive and just access it when i need it so i can disconnect a internal drive (with os on it) when im not using it.

with the new drive installed you can run the dvd within vista and it will install fine.
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