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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by mailobg, Dec 1, 2009.

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    OK, guys here is the deal,

    One hour ago I had a windows XP and 2 partitions. "C, and the one I had the windows on "D". When installing 7, it obviously decided to name the drive C. So now I got drive C and an unallocated 120gb drive, that requires formating in order to be used. What can i do to save the information without having to format it, in order to access it, or is my music collection completely gone forever.

    Please help!!!

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    Please restate your problem. I am getting confused with the Drive or partition references. Try using Drive 0 or Drive 1 or something so we can tell if you are talking about a separate drive or just a partition on a drive.

    How many actual hard drives do you really have? And please describe how they are set up. A snipit of your diskmgmt.msc window might help.
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    Back up your music to another device.. usb or hard drive.


    1. All hard drives eventually fail. AND most SEAGATE 7200 rpm drives fail within a few months.
    Google Seagate Bricked if you have a Seagate drive... and protect your data.

    2. The price is incredibly cheap now.

    I've even seen deals for 1 TB drives for $50 including shipping. That's 5
    cents/GB. My first "big" hard drive (30 yrs ago) was an 80 MB USED drive for
    $180. That comes out to $1,000 per GB !!! Check Hot Deals forum... there is an icon for showing the drive deals at the bottom of the page.

    3. A new SATA 7,200 rpm drive will most-likely be bigger and faster than your old drive.

    4. When Win 7 is installed and customized you can EASILY clone your new drive to your old drive.

    5. You will have a working BOOTABLE backup of your old system, should there be a big problem
    with your Windows or you primary drive.

    If you get a Western Digital or Seagate brand the WD website has a link to a FREE
    version if Acronis True Image that works with these hard drive brands. This is
    an EXCELLENT program that will clone one hard drive to another making it
    bootable. More on that later but you may want to take that into consideration
    when you make your purchase. DEFINITELY get a 7,200 rpm drive! When you run the
    Widows 7 performance index the hard drive USUALLY has the lowest number. Slower
    hard drives decrease performance significantly.

    Open your system case and UNPLUG YOUR PRIMARY DRIVE (with Vista or whatever)
    then install the new hard drive. Boot and press "some key" to go into your bios
    and set the boot sequence to your usb or dvd drive and save the setting and
    exit. It should reboot into the Windows 7 install. Go to Custom and do the
    install... otherwise it will be trying to find a previous version of Windows to
    do an upgrade. You may have to use the tools and format the new drive first, but
    the install will probably prompt you if you need to do that. This is why it is
    very IMPORTANT to unplug your primary drive. You don't want ANY confusion about
    which drive you are formatting.

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