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I created an extended logical partition on my HD using Paragon Partition Manager 10-64 bit (I'm running 64bit Win7 Home).

In the creation process I left 121.x GB on the C: Primary partition (also left untouched the 2 unlabeled partitions for the system).

And created an extended logical partition at at 326 GB size (the remaining space of HD). It's file system is formatted to NFTS. Everything works without issues "except" I get a strange readout when I right click to choose properties on the new logical drive in the windows explorer file handler.

Now keep in mind the drive is newly created and I have moved "nothing" to it yet. But the readout says,
used space 41.4 MB (What's this?)
free space 326 GB (and even so free space is still showing max size?)

Should I have made the new partition an inactive Primary instead of Extended logical ?


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You might want to give us more info about your system. A normal Windows 7 MBR install does not have two unlabeled partitions. OEM installs might have an extra partition and UEFI installs will have a System and MSR.

I will normally stay away from Logical Partitions if at all possible. But since you already have 3 primary partitions, if you wanted to add more than the one additional (total of 4), you would need it for a Legacy install. I would not however, be using a third party partition manager for such a task. Not saying it is a bad idea, just not necessary.

A snipping tool picture of your Disk Management Window, attached with the paper clip on Advanced Replies, might help us see the situation.


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Thanks for the reply, I don't believe it's the MBR, but really I don't know. I was going on what I was told on another forum (unless I misunderstood them) that Win7 has 2 segments (or partitions) used by the system in addition to the C (boot) drive. ALSO I was errant in my description of them above, they are not "unlabeled" as I said, but rather just don't have drv letters assigned to them. They don't show up in a file handler. I don't know what kind of format they have either.

I don't have a screen grabber installed yet but for what's it's worth this is what I have so far.

Win7 Partitions existing when laptop purchased and created.

I assume that the 1st 2 (non-drive letter) segments are treated by most partition apps as actual partitions ? And for that matter they may very well be but have modified attributes by Win7 ? (i.e. no drv letter etc)

I assume this because when I had the 2 above said segments plus the active primary C drv and 1 extended partition Z drv, I then attempted to create another partition and my partition App baulked saying there were no more partitions available for the HD.

So it appeared it read the 2 win7 system non drive letter segments as actual partitions, thereby fulfilling the max of 4 partitions.

I was able however to dynamic resize the extended partition into another logical drv, which I did.

My HD as it is now (the 4th partition is an extended one with 2 logical drives Z and

18gb Recovery Partition | 100mb System Reserve Partition | C: Primary
Active | Z: DynamicData | Y: StaticStorage


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Excuse my ignorance of not knowing bout the snipping tool, here is a snip for your viewing.



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It looks fine. I would not worry about the 41 MB, it might be mostly housekeeping space for the partitions. I created some partitions and in Computer, they say .1 GB is in use on an empty drive. Other things like recycle bin space, or some other system files could also be adding to the number..

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