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I'm running W7 Ultimate 64-bit as an admin and I WANT it to prompt for a password at start-up. However, it doesn't and logs in automatically. There are no other users on the computer. The standard answer on the web is to "Run-> control userpasswords2" and then check the box there. It doesn't work and it still logs on automatically. I'm using an HP and had to set up a pre-boot password using their technology, but I would still like to resolve the standard Windows way of logging in. What do I do?


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Assuming you use:
A self made account with administration rights (and not the hidden pre-build admin account) and..
You use a password on that account and..
have set: use Ctrl+Alt+del to login on the advanced tab of your user account properties menu it should work.

If it does not i only can guess it maybe has something to do with that HP you mention.
To test it try to disable that function or at least use different crediantals like at least a different password.

Hope this helps

Thanks, but I am indeed using the full pre-hidden administrator account and I have tried changing the password, but it still doesn't happen. I've also set up the facial recoginition feature, but it doesn't come up either on start-up, even though it's all good in the settings. It's not that crucial now that I've set up the HP Protect Tools, but it's still puzzling and annoying. I am wondering whether it would work if I enable the Guest account, so that it has to choose between the two at the beginning. What do you think?


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Do what you like. Not much you could do wrong there.
I would however, in your case, as said inbetween the lines before, not use the pre-build administrator account. If this account will corrupt on what ever reason you have nothing to fall back on.
I would always prefer to make my own user-account with full administration rights with the fall-back-on admin account for emergency only.

For your problem mentioned, i would try to make another user-account with admin rights (so not the guest) set an original password and then test again.

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