Password protect folder

Is there a way to password protect a folder like you could in XP? Preferably something that is not unreasonably complex as it seems like this should be simple..


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Use Bitlocker drive encryption which is included in Windows 7.

If you do a Google search for password protect files, you'll come up with hundreds of hits.

Can you password protect one folder only?


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Using what program?

As I stated, I've never used bitlocker drive encryption.

I really dont want to use a 3rd party program unless it is created by a large well known company. Didnt XP used to have the feature where you could password protect a folder? Windows makes these changes under the guise of "improving" things but I think its really just another way for them to control your computer and somehow be able to charge more money to us and 3rd party software makers.

I think pkware can password protect and they have been around for a long time.


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I can't recall if XP had this feature or not..
I just read the help file on Bitlocker encryption and it encrypts the entire drive contents.

Actually;y I prefer 3rd party app to Microsoft's own applications as some are free or open source , updated often and do a better job than Microsoft's applications.

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