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I recently installed W7RC in my XP machine and elected to save my XP.
The 7 installation proceeded well except when I try to access XP it now asks for a password
that I never set.
I have hunted around to try and solve this problem, but anything found requires me to be in XP
to make changes, which, of course, I can't do.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank You

Hello and Welcome to Windows7forums.. :)

Ok, so right now you have a dual boot setup? With Windows XP and Windows 7 RC (7100) right? (32-bit or 64-bit version of Win 7?) How are your disk partitions setup? (screenshot would be good) When you get the password prompt have you simply tried hitting enter without putting anything in? (sounds stupid I know, but sometimes people don't think of trying that).. So when exactly is the password prompt coming up? Is it when you try to boot into XP or when you try to make changes only?

Pass continued

Good Morning and thanks for the reply.

Yes, Win 7 RC (7100), 32 bit, opening screen as follows:
Earlier version of Windows
Windows 7
Microsoft Windows Recovery Module

If I pick "Earlier version of Windows" it opens Recovery console and then I get 3 items:
1. D:\miniNT
2. D:\I386
3 C:\Windows
If I pick 3 I am then asked for admin password, have tried just entering through that but after 3 of those it goes back to the original 3 choices.

Hope this helps

there is not a whole lot there to gon on unfortunately but it sounds like possibly a problem with a damaged boot file boot.ini and/or ntldr.(sys?) you ban easily replace them from W7 by copying from XP CD google "manually repair boot.ini XP" you should find a good tutorial with a little digging. A repair install of XP would also work i think but i'm less sure of that procedure with dual boot it doesn't seem XP is very dual boot friendly, google for you again i'm afraid

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