How do you configure windows so it does not constantly delete your passwords which you enter. It gets rather madning when you log into a site you use constantly and even though the "save" button is clicked you end up putting in the information the next time you boot up the computer.
Also is there any way to turn off the security pop up box which always is asking do you want to view information from such and such site on sites you have logged into and use constantly.



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It depends on your browser.

I use Google Chrome and it has a setting for remember passwords.
It's under Personal Stuff in the Options menu.

If you use CCleaner or another cleanup utility you need to control what cookies you delete.
It's under Options Cookies. Keep the cookies for sites you visit regularly.

I don't use Internet Explorer so I can't tell you where the setting are to save passwords for it.

You might want to try Chrome, everyone that I know uses it instead of IE.
It's fast and easy to use.

You can set your auto fill setting to put in things like your address, phone number, name etc. when any form comes up.

I like this a lot, it saves a lot of typing.


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I agree with Mike. But here is my crude way. For sites I really visit often, I log in and after I am all logged into the site, I save that as a "favorite" or "bookmark" whichever you have. Then, I just click that bookmark and when I get in I am already logged on.


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Yes with chrome you create a link by dragging the address down to the links bar.
When you log in it will ask you "Save Passwords for this site" if you say yes it will log you in when you click on the link to the page.

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