pc acting crazy

ok so I just built my computer and it was working fine I installed windows 7 on it fresh it was the first os on it was running it for a couple days and the other day i put the computer to sleep and then when i went to wake it up it would not wake up kept messing with it still nothing so i turned off the switch on the back to hard reset it. Then I tried to turn it back on and it started to turn on for like a millasecond then right back off and to get it to do it again I had to turn the main powersupply swith off then on and it would do the on off real fast again. So I unplugged the power then took out the cmos battery on the mother board out let it sit for a bit then plugged it back in (with battery still out cause it would not boot with it in tried first) and it started up went to bios screen i hit set default and it booted up then i did a clean install of win 7 again hopfully to solve the problem downloaded the updates for it then shut it down and waited (cmos battery is in by this point) for like 5 min and tried to boot and still is doing the same thing on off real fast the only way i can get it too boot is do take out the battery and what not evey time anything will help this is what i am running

amd phenom(tm) II x4 955 processor 3.20 GHz
4.00 gb ram
nvidia geforce 9800 gxt+
Seagate Barracuda 1 TB Internal hard drive
asus m4a79t deluxe mother board
apevia case
apevia 680w powersupply
lg super multi blue optical drive
windows 7


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This is NOT a Win7 problem. I just want to make that clear.

This is a hardware (Motherboard) problem

Either buy a new CMOS battery, or RMA the motherboard,, (warranty work)

Check all connections are correct, test all hardware including PSU.

If it's just the battery, repalcing it should fix the issue.... if it's a bad mobo, you will need to replace it.
If the new one does the same, then it is another piece of hardware.

Take the PSU to a shop and see if they can test it for you.

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