Windows 7 PC Bluescreens randomly when on windows 7


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I recently got my pc back up and running after replacing a bad hard drive and now whenever I try to install windows 7 (tried both home premium and ultimate) my pc would randomly bluescreen. The errors always had to do with kernel files and almost always prevented my pc from booting soon after. I then tried ubuntu 12.04 and so far everything works fine with the exception of a one or two crashes and not being able to play any games. I sadly do not think I have any of the .dmp files left but the most frequent kernel error was with "ntoskrnl.exe" which in a previous thread I was told that this is because a third-party driver was in ntoskrnl's memory space. When I tried win7 ult I was completely disconected from the internet because my wireless adapter was unable to manually read my drivers and I had nothing else extra installed.

I really dislike ubuntu because you have to enter codes in all the time and spend way more time trouble shooting, and because I can only play a few of my games and even those run poorly at the absolute lowest settings as opposed to almost max when on 7.
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Format the HDD - Hard Drive (HDD) Diagnostics - Sysnative Forums

What is the origin of your Windows 7 DVD?

Is it full retail or OEM (from system manufacturer)?

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I do not know the origin for the home edition because my brother burned it for me, It worked perfectly fine aside from aero being disabled and being slow. That was also on my old hard drive, on my new one it was very fast. The other is a dutch copy of ultimate that my brother got off a certain website that I was going to use for testing purposes, the download seemed legit but I couldnt manually install my wireless adapter drivers to install the english language pack because I cant read dutch. It shouldnt be a hardware issue because everything is fine now that im on ubuntu (besides things being kind of slow, no updated video drives, and not being able to play the majority of my games)
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Aero was likely disabled because of "Reduced Functionality Mode" (basically the same for Windows 7) -

You need to purchase a Genuine copy of Windows.

You can download Windows Server 2008 R2 TRIAL (same basic build as Windows 7 SP1) to assure hardware is functioning properly -

Download the ISO; burn to DVD-R with ImgBurn -

Before installing, wipe the HDD with KillDisk -

Non-Genuine Windows can result in erratic and unpredictable system behavior.

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