PC can not detect any wireless network adapter

Hello guys

When i bought my comuter it was without any operating system to save some money, because i had my own windows 7 32 bit. I installed it and everything worked, except that the computer could not detect any wireless network adapter. Luckily i had a friend who's brother could help me. Unfortunately i do not know how or what he did, but some how he managed to make it work.

But a few months later i wanted to upgrade my 32 bit to 64, since i could only use 3,16 GB ram, and my computer has 8GB. So i bought a win 7 home premium 64 bit and installed it. Now i face the same problem, my computer can not detect any wireless network adapter, though i'm 99% sure that my computer has one.

I hope you guys can help me, because this is really freaking me out. Especially because this is my school computer and without any internet acces i can't participate in class.


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Do you mean it cannot detect any networks or the wireless adapter (hardware) is not recognized by windows?

It's the network adapter that is missing.


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Look in Device Manager, and tell us what it lists as a Network Addapter?

Also look at properties and let us know if it says that it's working properly.

If this is a lap top make sure that the wireless button is turned on.
It usually looks like a little radio tower.

What kind of computer is this?

Have you tried just plugging the computer into the network cable?

When you installed Windows did the computer connect during the process, update etc?


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Here is how the device manager looks like:


My computer is a Laptop assembled by a danish company called MM-Vision

The internet works fine with cable, it's only the wireless that does not work

Thanks for the reply


I fixed it

I needed to download a special driver and now it worked :)

But thank both of you for trying to help me out



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Glad to hear you have it fixed.
Thanks for coming back and letting us know.


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