PC Cannot ID Cradlepoint Router

I have a Gateway Desktop with W7 hooked up via USB to a Cradlepoint MBR-900 WiFi Router. Internet connection via USB Sierra Cell Modem plugged into Cradlepoint. This setup has worked well for a couple of years until recently. Ran W7 diagnostics and W7 cannot id device, it looks like it sees it, but cannot talk to it now. Plugged Cradlepoint into another PC and connection was good and able to go on internet. Ran System Mechanic on PC and found no issues that caused this problem. WiFi to wireless devices works fine. I even tried restoring PC to 1 month back and that didn't help. Thinking it is not a hardware problem, but I'm not sure how USB works, all other devices hooked up via USB still work. Does the USB route to an ethernet card that could be bad?

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