PC crashes more and more often...

I'm so glad I've found you guys. I really do hope you can help me.

A few months back I encountered this problem for the first time. My monitor just "lost connection" and turned off. When I listened to music or watched a movie at the time I kept hearing it, but couldn't do anything else. At that time, this happended mostly when I played a game (Dragon Age).

I thought it was the monitor and bought a new one, and I also reinstalled Win 7 and the problem seemed solved.

Now it is even worse. First I encountered the problem when I used VLC and played a FB-game at the same time. Then, VLC or the game alone was already enough. And now I can't even watch a YT-clip without having to restart the computer manually.

I've updated all drivers as far as I know, but no change. I cleaned the computer which also did not solve the problem. Also I might mention, since one month when I start up the PC it takes a few minutes, before it connects to the internet. This has never been the case before and I do not have the same problem with my netbook (which uses WLAN).

I will attach everything I have and I do hope very much, that you can help me :)

Thanks, B. View attachment ACER-PC.txt View attachment Minidumps.rar


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After reading your thread and re-reading it, I'm still a bit confused as to what your actual problem is. From what I can gather you monitor goes to a black screen and you can still hear your movie/video clip...correct. Next thing I'm unsure of, is your use of acronyms for VLC and FB-game....what do they stand for? Looking at your computer specs...I see your GPU is running at 85*C.....if that is correct, that's way to hot IMO and that could be part of your problem.


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If the vid card temp is 85c it's no wonder the card is blackscreening. Check to see if the cards fan is going and he rest of it cooler is clean and dust free.

I'm sorry, if I wasn't clear. The screen goes blank and the only thing I can do at that point is restart the computer manually.

FB-game stands for facebook and VLC ist the VLC media player.

I did clean out the pc just a few days ago. It got worse after that. How do I get the graphics card to cool down? I already removed the cover from my computer...

And if it's really the temperature, why is it, that I can restart instantly?

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