PC freezes with 4gb ram installed


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Hi all, I use 4 x 1gb memory sticks (A Data 800 mhz, 4 4 4 12). When all 4 sticks are installed, windows (64bit) randomly freezes and pc must be restarted. A few weeks ago I tested each memory alone on pc, 1 of them seemed to be faulty and I got it replaced.
During the replacement process I have been using only 2 gb, there wasn't a single issue.

After I installed 2 new memories, together with 2 old ones, the same problem appeared again. Random freezes. It doesn't matter how I combine those memories, 2 gb always work.

I have the latest bios (mobo: Asus P5k), I tried changing NB voltage and few other settings, nothing helped. I noticed 1 thing though, all the memory sticks are extremely hot to touch.

I am not sure whether the problem is mobo or windows, but until a month ago I have been using 32 bit windows and there were no freezes.
Thanks for any advice.

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If the memory modules are not all the same brand, speed, and even model number - meaning if they are all not a matched set - then you really only have two choices.

1) Run with only modules from a matching set and leave the others out.

2) With all memory in, tweak the bios settings in hopes of finding something stable. It may be impossible to make it stable even with much tweaking, or you may get lucky.

Choice 1 is the better option for someone not very technically advanced.


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Modules are all the same. I have tried some tweaking in bios but nothing helped.

First, Load the Optimized Defaults in the bios. Save.

Then boot to Windows, download CPU-Z and post a screen shot of the spd tab and the memory tab.


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loaded default bios settings, here is the screen. 1.JPG

Need the memory tab too, as said above.


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2.JPG sorry here it is:)

Set the VDIMM (memory voltage) to 2.0v instead of 1.8v then save. See how it goes.


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I tried that yesterday with 1.9 and 2.0, froze on both occasions.

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