PC hissing/overheating when playing games then BSOD

Windows 7 Ultimate
GTX 580
cosair TX850
ASUS p8z68-V/GEN3 (The bios for this Confuses me!!)
i7 2600k
(Forgot the name of my heatsink and fan) Its by coolmaster (its a good one)
HAF32 So plenty of case fans

PC hissing/ CPU overheating When playing games then BSOD. This has been happening on almost every game I play, apart from ones with like PS2 graphics.

The hissing noise starts asoon as i hit some graphically intensive areas.

Sorry for the lack of info but I really have no idea whats wrong with it :(
Heres some more info if it helps :

Please help!!

I also have faced same kind of problem while playing various games and the main reason for that games incompatiblity with system or currepted source of games. So check compatibility of game with your system.

How do I do that adam? :)

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