PC Keeps Crashing


I've just installed windows 7 on my computer and everything was fine until today. I was just browsing the web and the computer randomly crashed with a blue screen error.

When i turned my pc back on, all i hear is a continious beep. i dont even see the bios screen.

What could be wrong?

This is my PC Specs:

Motherboard: P5N-E SLI (Got the latest BIOS via AsusUPDATE utility)
CPU: Intel Q6600 Core2Quad
RAM: 4 GB (dunno what brand)
Hard Drive: SATA 500 GB (dunno what brand)
GPU: nVidia XFX 8800GTS 512MB (G92) Alpha Dog Edition
PSU: 500W

it could be RAM or PSU overheat.......

i waited for a while for the tower to cool down and i opened the case to let more air flow in and turned the pc and it is on now.

i downloaded speed fan to monitor the temp and this is what i got:

so... whats causing the problem for sure? is it the PSU? do i need to get a more powerfull one, say 850W PSU? do i need some sort of additional cooling like water cooling system?

You need to count your beep errors and goto your motherboard manufacturer as-well, for example if it is a 1 sec beep with 3 sec long beep with 3 one second beeps, Those are consider beep codes for hardware errors, if I am not wrong my motherboard Manual has the beep error codes...

Just throwing that out there.


i checked inside and there isnt seem to be any dust layer


the thing is, all i heard was a continious beep (no intervals) and i dont think there is anything wrong with the motherboard. I opened my window and the case of my tower and the pc's been running fine more than a hour now.

i did notice one thing tho. when the case is closed on the tower, the PSU's fan doesn't seem to spinning fast enough, so the air that comes out of the back is very hot. I think the problem might lie in the PSU and/or its fan because its not spinning nearly fast enough to cool it down.

yeah epk is right......every motherboard Manual has the beep error codes...

you should see your motherboard manual.!!

and you have 4gb RAM.....you didn't tell 4gb single or (2X2).?????

Even with one long constant beep, that is still an error beep, does not have to be particularly be "intervals between one of another or even more than one" , could be anything , tis y i mentioned it.

Check the manual if you have obtained one.

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