PC of the future?


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Looks interesting... A projected image, and a projected keyboard. I don't like the keyboard so much though, since you can't feel it. I prefer to wait for Star Trek like holographic technology, so I can feel it. :p

I dont like it either for those reasons.prefer laptops..:p


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I think that some people will like it still, as there are people that buy 1.73 pound computers, with 10" screens, to have it small. But I think a PDA is better, unless you need a larger screen.

oh yah... but wouldnt it be kind of hard to use?.. the setup, i mean. i also prefer pdf


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I don't think so. It looks to me like you just take it out, push a button, and it's on. I think it's pretty simple. But, I'm pretty sure it can't be very high powered, as there isn't much space to dissapate the heat with.

Well for me I like AI Computers in the future that well can talk to it & command what we want to do, research on internet, etc and AI Computer will do it for you.

e.g. "I want to downoad all latest music free on the net, and AI will search & downloads all best and latest music for you" or "I want to make Excuse letter cuz of my fever and he will make it for you and send e-mail to your teacher"

It has microphone for voice commands, speakers, moving camera (for determine users in front of it, for security reasons), surface-like monitor in at least 30" inch wide, maybe no keyboard and mouse at all, and it's thicks is jus like on iMac.

What do you think of it? :D


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Sounds good, but I think that is still quite a way off. Voice will most likely used only for commands for now (like in vista), rather than AI.

wow it looks kinda of cool but i think it doesnt exist. it can be something virtual or something like that when it comes on the market or on the TV or something like that i'll believe it :). (hoping that it exist):)

if they can get that advanced why dont they just get a computer that works entirely from voice command and the image just kinda like floats in mid air


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Well, hopefully, Windows 7 will have lots of Voice stuff in it, so perhaps this will work in a few years.

With more and more people using their computers as the heart of their multimedia centres, not sure how well a projected keyboard would fit in there. With people operating things from the comfort of their sofa i think voice command is really the way forward :)


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Yeah, true. The problems is that say your listening to some music, the computer cannot comfuze the lyrics with commands, and start wreaking havoc, so that makes it more complicated. Now, a neural interface would be nice. :p

isn't this what micheal knight has in his mustang? lol?

The gaming of the future... THE HOLODECK.... :) As stated by the OP, that would be the sh!t!.. :) The things I could come up with if i had a holodeck at my disposal... hahaha (I'm really not THAT big of a Star Trek nut, but the technology would fuc*kin kickass none the less)...

I'm not sure about Vocally activated commands - these can also be a real nuisance in public places or even in an office.

For example those Horrible Telephone menu systems -- just when you thought the whole experience couldn't get any worse when calling a help / call centre they've found yet another level of excruciating torture to add to the whole sorry mess.

Some of them now ASK you to SPEAK your account number into the system plus other info -- just the right idea for a quiet office . A wretched experience all round -- thank god I can speak some Dutch as I will go through a Dutch centre where they don't use overseas call centres (who in India can speak Dutch) and they are polite enough to tell you how many people are waiting in the queue and count you down with a time estimate.

I don't like touch screens either -- but that's personal choice.

I see more "Turnkey" (not I hope "Turkey") systems - where the computer just sits in the corner and you use more multimedia streaming such as SQUEEZEBOX and SLINGBOX systems.

Discover Squeezeboxâ„¢: The smart way to listen to digital music in every room.

Sling Media - Slingbox

The whole "Holodeck" and "Virtual Reality" stuff also requires HUGE amounts of RAW CPU power. Great idea even if the technology is a bit immature at the moment. Wii systems are pointing the way but for me these are still way too primitive and uncomfortable to use

I love the idea of having a full 18 hole Ryder Cup golf course in my living room however. I'd never leave it. !!

In the UK we are lucky enough to be just testing the first generation of 3-D TV's with proper colour etc -- not with those old fashioned blue and red plastic glasses.


Bet you're jealous now.

For High level computing -- may take longer than my lifetime to build real productive machines but I'm very interested in the whole aspect of Quantum Computing -- this is where you can run all possible states AT ONCE. -- This FOREVER nullifies ANY encryption in the known universe since execution of ALL possible states execute AT ONCE. Currently we can only build very small Quantum computers with 2 - 4 "Qubits" (analogus to bits and bytes in classical computers) and the qubits decay after microseconds -- still long enough however to prove the mathematics / physics is correct.

If you are interested here's an introductory reference. (There's plenty more around but it gets very technical).

HowStuffWorks "How Quantum Computers Work"


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future computer???

AT&T is selling, or about to start selling, a telephone capable netbook. I can picture someone in a $1000 business suit sitting in an airport, computer in his lap, talking to his computer!!!! This item is said to be discounted to $50 with a 2 year contract. Anybody got one yet??


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Well, hopefully, Windows 7 will have lots of Voice stuff in it, so perhaps this will work in a few years.
All good the voice bit unless someone is mute then a few probs . Mind link is being worked on -computers being controlled by thought alone = may be the way to go . View attachment 599

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