PC power down just after resume from standby!


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I'm using HP DM1 machine which runs Win 7 Home Premium.

Till today, standby was working perfectly. Today it installed updates from microsoft site.
And then, when resuming from standby, the machine gets powered off by itself within 1-2 seconds. Then I need to turn the machine on and win7 boots.

I've searched on google and never found a similar problem posted on a forum!

I've attached dump files.

Thanks for any help !


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I haven't had time to look at the debug file but in the meantime, you can do a system restore to before the updates were installed.


Update or uninstall all of your Cyberlink software. Richvideo.exe is having issues. A new version may help... I would tell you to disable the service but then certain Cyberlink apps will decide not to work well (but most of them still do.)

Uninstall HP utilities, especially HpqToaster.

I would definitely uninstall the Norton in safe mode using the special tool found in the following link. You're getting memory management issues and this is a number one cause of them. After, boot to normal mode and install the perfectly stable MSE as a replacement.

AV Uninstallers - Windows 7 Forums


Your Intel video card driver can use an update:
igdkmd32 igdkmd32.sys Thu Aug 13 17:47:54 2009

If the driver scan utility can't install the latest for you, then visit HP.com for it.


Your network driver is becoming unloaded with the crashes. I can't see info on it. This means you really should update its driver. Find out which Realtek lan type you have by opening the device manager and expanding the network section. Then search for the number for it on the left side of this link. For example: 8111



There are quite a few remaining issues not mentioned here yet. Please take care of the above and let us know how it goes. If you need further help, please post a new crash dump so we can see where you stand with all that. I think the most important thing to do for now is to get rid of that Norton in the manner described.

Good luck.

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