PC restarts when i click poker room short cut on desktop

I was actually downloading a poker room software. When i installed it and clicked the shortcut on desktop to run it, my pc restarts.I tried it with 3 different poker rooms but i am having the same problem. Sometime it is a usual shortcut and sometimes it it looks completely white(icon similar to a notepad document) and when i rightclick it in that state and see the type of file it shows "Shortcut (.lnk)".When it looks like a normal shortcut i rightclicked it went to properties and clicked the general tab.It shows:

Type of file : Shortcut (.lnk)
Description : Poker host client

What do i do??

Thanks in advance.

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Navigate to there and copy the files insde to any other folder. Zip them then attach the zip to a post here.

Don't worry, it had nothing to do with your poker software. :)

i went to C:\windows but there is no folder Minidump there.

Thanks for your help.

and yes i even saw after unhiding all files.

well actually i had not set up minidump.i did it now after searching it on this site.


Uninstall FolderLock or similar...whichever to have, to remove this very old faulty driver:

1: kd> lmvm windrvnt
start    end        module name
82817000 8281d440   windrvNT T (no symbols)           
    Loaded symbol image file: windrvNT.sys
    Image path: windrvNT.sys
    Image name: windrvNT.sys
    Timestamp:        Mon May 10 04:42:04 2004 (409F405C)
    CheckSum:         00016740
    ImageSize:        00006440
    Translations:     0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4

Update the Realtek HD Audio driver. Run the download once, reboot, then run it again:

RTKVHDA RTKVHDA.sys Tue Aug 28 04:46:33 2007


Uninstall your very old PixArt Imaging software.

PAEAFLT PAEAFLT.sys Wed Sep 26 02:28:44 2007


Update PowerISO:

SCDEmu SCDEmu.SYS Sun Mar 15 06:25:46 2009



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actually i once installed folder lock on my pendrive and now i have already deleted it there. i am attaching the screenshot of it here.Also i was not able to find pixart imaging software.


Go to C:\

Then in the top right search box, type windrvnt.sys.

Delete all the ones that show with that exact name. Reboot.

problem solved :D:D:D

Thanks a lot.

Awesome, glad to hear it. You're welcome.

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