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Windows 7 Pc start up problem


New Member
Jun 5, 2013
Problem affecting my 2 laptops
Both of my pcs would start up normally but on another day they does not start up normally, it will show windows is starting then the screen goes black and windows doesn't load. Sometimes instead of the above occurring, after turning on or restarting both my pcs the launch startup repair and start normally page would show up. This seems to occur after I downloaded any software or used windows update.
For my Acer Aspire 5551-2384 laptop, after experiencing the problem for a while I then looked for solution to the problem and I came across bootrec/?,I used it and it fixed the startup problem and it worked. But a yesterday the startup problem returned. Again I tried bootrec and I input bootrec/scanos and it said no windows is installed.
For my HP Pavilion dv5000/dv5178us it was not booting up in windows either and I used bootrec/fixboot and /fixmbr but they did not fix it so I input bootrec/scanos to check if windows was installed and it said no windows was installed. After I proceeded to find software to fix the startup problem but none were able to fix it. I then reinstall windows 7 Home Premium to see if this will fix the problem but the startup problem came back after I update the pc using windows update. I decided to wipe the hard drive so I did, reinstalled windows 7 then upgraded some outdated software and downloaded conexant high definition audio to reinstall my audio. After I restarted my pc the startup problem came back so I re-wipe the hard drive again and reinstall windows7, downloaded the windows update along with google chrome and zone alarm anti-virus + firewall then when the windows update was finished I restarted the pc and again the startup problem is still there. What should I do to correct the startup problem.
N.B. Both pc running windows 7 Home Premium
Reinstalling Windows will normally cure most problems, unless you reinstall the problem along with Windows. Are you testing before you install anything else, or are you loading the same software that was present when the problem occurred? Is this an OEM install and you are using their recovery options?

Safe Mode might help track down the problem, but the black screen without a blinking cursor on the upper left of the screen will probably be a driver situation. When the screen goes black is also very important. If it happens prior to the Windows logo, it is probably a boot situation. But if it happens after the Windows Logo, it is probably a driver situation.

You might be getting some hardware update through Windows. You can turn that off by opening System in the Control Panel and selecting Advanced System Settings. On the Hardware tab, you can have Windows ask you if the updates should be installed. You could also check your update history and see if any device drivers are being installed.

If there are any devices on the systems you can uninstall or unplug or whatever, it might help track down the problem.

I will do some research on your system to see if I can find any info on it.
I reinstalled windows7 home premuim on both laptops. and I reinstalled it about three times on the HP but the startup just keeps reoccurring. Is there any software I can download to help determine the problem.
If some driver was involved in the situation, and I do not know if it is, you could try running Driver Verifier. Check the link and make sure you know how to turn it off using the /reset switch.

Running the basic Verifier /all will check all your drivers. You can check just one if you desire. The link has links to pages for using the command but other web sites also contain directions is using the Driver Verifier.

Driver Verifier (Windows Drivers)

You need to know the Verifier /reset will turn off the checking in case your system Bluescreens and you need to start in Safe Mode and use the command prompt to turn Verifier off.

The fact several systems are doing the same thing would make you think they had something in common. Maybe an external device or networked device is being accessed. If a virus is involved they may have the same one. Having multiple hard drive failures at the same time would not seem to be likely.

Have you tried moving one of the units to a different power supply and/or disconnecting them from the network?

But if you have done a clean install of Windows and the problem reoccurs, there must be a hardware problem, some common software you are running, or something else not related to Windows 7.

You did not respond in regard to the system running normally in Safe Mode...
the black screen occurs after the windows logo without a blinking cursor but sometimes the cursor is not present (just the black screen alone); for both pcs, so i guesss its a driver situation.
on saturday 8th June, i press F8 just after i turned on my acer pc and in the option list my selected last known Good Configuration(advanced). It then booted into windows 7 normally. After that the pc started up normally for 3 days. During that time I removed software which i thought was affecting the start up, but on June 12th when i turned on my pc again it failed to boot into windows 7 after the windows logo screen. I then restarted it and the windows error recovery screen came up. I restarted again presses F7 then F10 and enter, after doing this windows started up normally. this morning again turned on pc again it failed to start windows 7. I restart again press F8 then debug mode which started windows normally, both of my pcs can boot into safe mode normally. Oh I had turned off the windows update to see if that was affecting the start up but it seems not. I will do the driver verifier then i will monitor the start up for the weekend and I will let you know on Monday if the problem is resolve.
Have you tried moving one of the units to a different power supply and/or disconnecting them from the network? No I have not done this since I don't know how
But if you have done a clean install of Windows and the problem reoccurs, there must be a hardware problem, some common software you are running, or something else not related to Windows 7.
yes i have done a clean install of windows for both pcs. For my acer pc there r a lot of software that I downloaded,I had removed some but only one (RiccoVPN) i am unable to remove. For my hp pc only about four software i have on it
I am currently using the verifier to see if it would cure the problem I will give a report after am finish