Windows 7 PC turn on problem


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Feb 15, 2009
Well, i don' t know how to call this problem. Yesterday i shutted down my PC, and now when i try to turn it on, it hangs up at BIOS post message :(. I unplugeed all my hardware, restarted cmos, did everything that i know, and nothing helps :(. What can i do?

Oh NOOO. Thats sounds awful.
I don,t now what your computer knowledge is, but the first thing is to open the case and pull off all the plugs, one by one, and reseat them. Same with the memory, but that is not a suspect in this fault. Check that the power supplies are in place and any cards.
Can you actually enter the Bios? If so, select all the dafualts for a start and try again.

I unplugeed everything, onlu cpu not... I' m not able to enter bios, i can do whatever i want, it hangs at logo...

On the motherboard, close to the small battery, there are two pins you can use to short out the bios. First remove the battery though. This will return the Bios to its default state.
If you are unhappy with this, leave the battery out for about 30 minutes, and then replace and try again.