PC unable to wake up from sleep


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Windows 10 x64 desktop BIOS legacy. Fresh reinstallation of Windows, but the PC cannot wake up after it has fallen asleep, no matter what settings I use in the Power Settings. I have set the PC screen to sleep after about 1hour, and the Disks to sleep after 4 hours. After the disks go to sleep, the PC cannot wake up, it does not matter if I push the keyboard or click and move the mouse. I have also tried to click the Power button on the Desktop itself, and there is no response. I have confirmed the monitor is on, and all cables plugged in.

When the PC is unable to wake up from Sleep Mode, I can hold the Power button on the PC for 4 seconds, it does a rough shut down, and then I am able to push the power button to turn it back on, and it works normally on the screen.

What is causing this issue? This did not used to happen. I do not want to buy a new PC. What are some settings or troubleshooting I can do that I have not already talked about above? Thanks!


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I had a similar thing happen to my PC, also x64. I'd urge you to find a fix soonest as I had to have my boot SSD replaced. Not fun.

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I would post your power config for starters with one of the following.

From Command Prompt:
powercfg /q >> %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\powercfg.txt
From Powershell Prompt:
powercfg /q | Out-File -FilePath "$($env:USERPROFILE)\Desktop\powercfg.txt" -Encoding ASCII

Upload the powercfg.txt file on your desktop.