Pc Very slow after install 7....

Hi all and glad to find you.First topic from a windows seven beginner user.
But i have problems.I have download a seven DVD and i have installed to my laptop acer.All wend very good and nice.So i decide to install them to my pc.I start to install and after the 2 reboots when start again the pc is veeeryyy slow.All the hardware seems to install and recognized good.But even after 3 reboots warks very slow.
Then i try to boot at save mode.And works perfect.Searched all the parameters again and i cant fount anything to make them work smooth at the normal boot.So i arrived here, after a google search, at this forum to find help and maybe a solution.
The pc has a motherboard ASUS P5N32 SLI.
Hope someone have an explanation for this problem...
Thank you for reading my post and for any help.




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Did you perform a "clean" install or an upgrade?


Equally glad you have found this website.

Now, to your situation. I understand you downloaded the Windows 7 .iso & burnt it to DVD. You then installed it on a laptop. You then installed to a destop w/ the same DVD. IF, you got both machines running w/ the same key, I really didn't think that was possible. Unless a Family Pack, which a download certainly isn't, I always thought it was 1 key per 1 OS per 1 machine. Pls be so kind as to explain or clarify.

Anyway, slow in Normal Mode but, ok in Safe. Is this a home-built PC? Pls, supply its specs. Was 7 put in it via upgrade or clean install?



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Home build pc.I have insert same key.
After a search at the forum i think it could be the grafic card.
Will try an other to see what is going on.
Thanks for the answers.


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Could you tell us the exact make and model of your graphics card/.

Motherboard specs would be helpful too.

I did it :razz::razz::razz::razz:
I'm so happy.What i did?
I have search alot at this forum all my free time.I was sure that i could find the solution.
I boot up at save mode.
Then i went to my computer then properties,then my hardware,and i deactivate the two drivers instaled for the grafic card.
Reboot and VUALA.....everything was working perfect.This is all i did.
I would like to thak you all that have read my message.
I will still reading here at the forum.
A very big thanks to the poster off the topic where i found my solution.Sorry but as i have opened many pages i can find where i have seen it.

My best RGZ.



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Thanks for relaying the solution as it can help other with the same problem.

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