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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Hardware' started by steven107, Apr 22, 2012.

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    First post - please be gentle :)

    My desktop PC (Win7 Pro, 64 bit) has 2 SD Card readers. One built in to the PC itself, the other, a slot on the side of my Dell monitor. Both of these - until last week - would read and write to my SD cards with no problem. Cards ranging in size from 1 to 16Gb. Both readers worked fine with SDHC cards.

    NOW, when I insert a card, I hear the usual "bing-bong" to signify that I've inserted a removable disk and the Windows "Safely Remove Hardware" icon becomes available. But if I double-click on the disk/drive in Explorer it tells me to insert a removable disk into that particular letter.

    I've also determined that Windows know that there's *something* in the drive, as Disk Manager shows a drive of the correct size, with the partition type marked as RAW.

    The cards themselves are fine - they work perfectly well in my cameras, and more importantly, they work perfectly fine in my laptop's SD Card reader.

    So something in Windows has gone wrong - but what? Something that's caused 2 totally different readers to fail simultaneously. I've removed and reinstalled both readers with known good drivers and that hasn't sorted it. I even tried to format (in Disk Manager) one of the cards but it did nothing, just sat there for ages. Taking that card to the other PC or a camera it then formats just fine in just a few seconds. And still doesn't work in my desktop PC.

    Any ideas or help would be gratefully tried!


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