I have Asus VX2S which according to their support, there is no support for Windows 7, only for Vista.
After installing Windows 7 Ultimate there are still missin driver for "other unity"
- PCI system, manufactory:unknown, PCI-buss 9, function 2 and 3,
- PCI-menory, PCI-buss 8, unit 0, function 0,
- PCI- simpel commynication; PCI-buss 0, unit 3, function 3,
- seriell PCI-port; PCI-buss 0, unit 3, function 3,
USB 2.0: Port_#003.Hub_#0003.

If anyone hase a solution or a clue, I will be gratful.


Try Vista driver in compatibility mode; I havent done that yet. Maybe I will try later.
You can also try Microsoft : Update a driver for hardware that isn't working properly;
I have done that, no success.
So there is the compability mode to try.
Thank you for your solution.

Open device manager. Right click on the entry needing a driver. Choose properties. Then details tab. Change the dropdown to hardware ids. Then copy and paste the results to here. This will tell us what the missing device is and we can find a driver for it too.

It is solved. "fishnbanj" did post a link that lead to a solution. I did miss Rico Card Reader and some drivers from Intel. I am greatful for the support.
Thank you.:p

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