Windows 7 PCIIDE\IDEChannel\4&2a6f9957&0&1 slowing down boot speed


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I am pretty new to win 7, I know enough to get in trouble. I ran into this while checking out event viewer > boot performance monitoring. So now that I know what is hanging up. What is the fix? lol. Like I said, I know enough to get into trouble... I miss dos 6.22.
I am not sure, but I think it is related to a secondary SATA controller connected to the PCIe bus. On my system, I have a Marvell Controller that seems to show the same type of details, although mine has different numbers.

If you have such a device, you might try disconnecting whatever is connected to it for testing, or perhaps looking for a newer driver for it.

You could probably go into Device Manager and check the properties-Details tab-
children listing to see if it is the correct device. Mine shows the following.

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