PCPartner RS485MKM-A94S -- Will not install Vista! HELP!!!



PCPartner RS485MKM-A94S -- Will not install Vista! HELP!!!

Hi Guys, This is my first post on this forum and I am really hoping someone can help me,
I am having problems installing any version of Vista on my system and I am totally stuck as to the solution!

I have been on the motherboard manufacturer website as I suspect this is the problem area, but there is no information at all, and no help files to say the least!

I will try to be as informative as I can and I hope you can bear with my while I explain my problem and also give you as much info as I can relating to my system..

Here are my system details as best as I can establish from CPU-Z..

Motherboard: PCPartner RS485MKM-A94S
CPU: AMD Athlon64 3500+ (AM2 chip)
RAM: DDR2 Single Channel 512MB x2
Onboard Graphics Chipset: ATI Xpress 200 (RS480)
Bios Version: Phoenix Technologies V6.00PG (07/Mar/2006)
Hard Drive: Sata2 320GB + Sata2 250GB
DiskDrive: IDE Asus DVD/RW DL
Monitor: Hanns.G 19" Widescreen running 1440x900 Res

Right, Firstly the system installs windows XP 32/64Bit perfectly and runs fine, No problems or complications at all.
I want to upgrade to Vista Ultimate and have carried out the test using the microsoft application to establish if my system is compatable, It is and had no hardware issues what so ever. I have tried to upgrade from within windows and I simply get a box saying installation faulure before i get the chance to go through the installation process. ( i get the vista installation wallpaper in the background and thats as far as it goes )

I then decided to try and install from boot up, I make sure the disk is in the drive, turn the system on, and tell the pc to boot from cd, I get a black screen and a bar in the middle of the screen which is loading the installation files, the ones you get before your given your choice of installation options..

Aprox half way through this bar loading I get a blue screen and some random numbers and letters in one corner, there is no error message displayed, and nothing to tell me where the problem is aside from the blue screen and these random letters and numbers.

I have tried several variations on install and nothing has any effect on the installation itself. I first tried to remove one stick of ram and install that way, i tried this swapping between the two sticks of ram i have and it had no effect what so ever.

I have tried to increase the onboard graphics card memory from bios, I have set this from 64MB up to 256MB, this change is detectable at boot up as it tells me the memory available for graphics, however this didnt get rid of the blue screen either.

I have been on the manufacturer website and had a look for bios updates to see if this will cure anything but there appears to be no bios files available at all!

I have emailed the motherboard manufacturer and had zero responce!

I have heard that there may be a conflict with the onboard graphics chipset and windows vista on various other forums, although other than being a suggestion there seems nothing concrete to back this up!

I have also read that it may be an issue with sata hard drives, but again no one has been able to say one way or the other and I find it hard to beleive also that vista would have trouble detecting something that XP picks up very clearly.

I am totally out of ideas as to what i can do to get vista to install on my system, microsoft tells me my hardware will support and run vista however it just does not seem to want to work no matter how many different copies of vista i try to use!

please please please, can someone help as i dont want to have to resort to buying a new motherboard unless i am absolutly forced to!

ps, here is a direct link to the mobo manufacturer website with all the details of my particular board..
PC Partner

pps, here is an image of my boot up and also of the error that i get displayed, not sure if this helps but it cant hurt to show it i guess!


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