PDF Files to Windows Mail

Toshiba with Vista Basic 32 bit

If I scan a document and save as a PDF file when I try to import it into Windows Mail using insert file attachment, it freezes the computer
Using the same process I am able to import tiff, bitmap & JPEG files with no problem

I have another computer using XP Pro and have no problems importing any file format including PDF into the emails

Any suggestions would be appreciated



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Unable to open .PDF attachments from Windows Mail (I don't know how old this article is) How old is your Adobe Reader ? Perhaps, (I don't know) an upgrade would fix the probelm... I would advise you check out the article here first before you change anything. (People have been writing in to "recommend it" even as late as November 2008)


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I cannot emulate the fault. Windows mail is not my default, but useable. Perhaps Celestra's suggestion to update your Adobe is the answer. But what program are you using to save the scanned doc as a PDF?

A basic, but maybe not helpful, suggestion, would be to download and install Windows mail live. It is a better program all round (and free!)
Windows Live Mail
But if you have a PDF problem, rather than a mail attachment problem, it wont help.


Thank you both for your responses.:)

Regarding Celestras suggestion I already use Version 9 of Adobe. I have reinstalled it just in case it was corrupted.

I have tried different programmes to create the PDF files: - Epson & HP scanning, saving as a PDF file to a folder, then trying to transfer them to the Windows Mail, using the import function from W/Mail.
This is when the freezing up occurs.

I can open PDF files downloaded from the net and PDFs received in emails no problem it is just the importing of the PDF into the email to be able to send

As I said previously these procedures work perfectly well with my XP system which is all the more frustrating:frown:

Thanks again

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