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I read that Edge is windows PDF reader not Chrome, however, I just received a PDF file which I clicked on and it opened with no trouble.
I have no extension to do this. I vaguely saw something about Reader DC and am wondering if I downloaded it but cannot find anything like that.
I used Outlook.com and Windows native mail app to open the PDF.
Why am I able to open PDF with these configurations?


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You shall watch the below video. The download link for the Reader DC is given inside the description of the video (SL. No. 05).



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Thank you very much. I didd notice Windows 1909 with Chrome there is a setting within Chrome that allows for either downloading or opening PDFS without third party.


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Both Chrome and Edge have PDF reading capabilities I believe newer versions of Office do as well with the ability to convert PDFs to word documents and back again.


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I have Microsoft Home and Student 2019 and will check out what you say about Office. Thank you


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I use office 2016. This, and I imagine, 2019, both open PDFs and, if desired, convert them faultlessly to doc format. They can then be edited


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PDFs can be read by many programs/applications. Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc, etc. (Sometimes you need to add an extension tho.)
PDFs can also be read by Adobe readers of various ilks. AND by Photoshop.
By far my greatest disappointment was trying to read them, PDFs, with MS Word. Not a fun thing.

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