People using your Router (wireless).


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Is it possible to detect if someone is using or attempting to use your Router illegally? How can I check to see if my router is secure? Sorry I used the wrong word. I wanted to delete the post and start over but don't know how.

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You can sign onto your router and check the security settings. Make sure you have the highest security settings chosen. Also change your passcode to your router. On my router I can also set up a MAC Address filter.

To sign onto my Linksys router I put into my web browser. The ID for my router is admin, the default password was 1234. I did reset my password once I signed on.

RouterPassword1.jpg RouterPassword2.jpg

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Security is a big issue for wireless. I've read of cases where somebody gets arrested for kiddie porn and eventually they prove somebody else was using their unsecured connection. Those sickos also have theirown software and some times it hides their stuff on the other PC too. I'll stick with wired routers.

Never mind worrying about ways to know if someone is using YOUR router; just, lock it down so nobody else can use YOURS. Never have an unsecured wireless router!



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A few options to think about in relation to security for a wireless router:

1. First and foremost (and obviously!) use WAP
2. Use MAC address filtering on your router
3. Consider using manual IP address allocation instead of DHCP
4. If you do use DHCP put a limit on the address range allocated
5. Don't advertise the SSID


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I want to thank everyone who made suggestions. There is one problem, I am clueless as to how to do what has been suggested. My router was setup by Best Buy Geek Squad and that is about all I know about my router. I did ask them to set it up for maximum security, did they I don't know.

PS I just found my installation Guide and the Resourc CD. If my router is already set up will it hurt to do a reinstall to make sure it is secure? If your computer is running slower than usual, is this a sign that someone could be using your wireless router?

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To your 1st question... there is no need to re-install the router. Go to its web page (maybe) & check or modify the settings there. Best suggestion is call the 1-800 # for your router's Help Desk Support & have them assist you w/ this.

I'm not a big fan of Best Buy but, it stikes me as unlikely they would have left your router unsecured.

To your 2nd query... NO, that will not be why your computer is running slower than usual. Factors contributing to that would primarily be things like accumulation of 'junk', unnecessary files, malware or unwanted or unneeded programs running in the background.


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As Drew mentions, these are 2 separate problems. You can easily go into your router setup to check if the highest security is selected. As can be seen on my screen shot, in my router there are various tabs for the setup, and various options for each tab. Just go through them. On the MAC Address filter be SURE to select Enable and Permit these computers to have access. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! If you block, guess what no access!

To find your MAC Address, open a command prompt and at the blinking cursor type: ipconfig /all

You will have to figure out which of the devices is your WiFi connection and use that MAC Address.

Use What's In Startup to find and disable or delete all the useless junk running in the background at Windows Startup. As cann be seen I only have 4 apps that start with Windows. Anything more is unnecessary in my case. You will have to decide what you really need to start with Windows.


Or you can use msconfig which is already in the OS...not needing to add any outside utility.

Simply type msconfig in Search (above the Windows orb)
You will see a Start-up tab & a Services tab.

Things running @ Start-up or in the background are only only 1 aspect of factors that can slow a machine. But, certainly a good place to begin. If, as I said, the junk/unnecessary files are not kept cleared, that too can bog down a machine.

Regarding the MAC address... if, you are going to do this yourself, w/out calling the router's Support Desk... in the router's site there should be a selectable setting saying "Clone MAC Address"... select that & hit Save.

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