Windows 7 Performance index went down?


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Ok, with my vista, my performance index is a 4.9. when I had the beta, my performance index went to a 5.4. I thought that was really awesome, and I had assumed it was because 7 was less resource heavy, or maybe it used resources in a different way. But when I installed the RC1, my performance index went back down to 4.9. Anyone know whats up with that? Just curious.

dual core processor
Nvidia GeForce Go 8800m GTS
4 gigs ram
320 gb hdd
Beta or Better :)

Just an educated guess but RC is proberly more accurate then the Beta at reporting your performance index ;)
I agree with Whoosh and to elaborate a bit more on that.. It could be the drivers your using as well.. or lack there of.. For example if you don't have a gpu driver installed than your video/gaming scores will be lower.. ;)