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Windows 7 Performance Issues with Windows 7 Media Center


New Member
Apr 15, 2009
Hi all,

I've just upgraded my Vista Home Premium 32Bit (media center computer) to the 32Bit 7100 RC build of Windows 7 (doing upgrade not clean install).

I have a couple of problems with the new Win 7 Media Center

Firstly it is really sluggish! When I click on the menu items it takes a couple of seconds to register my remote click, if I click TV guide it takes about 30 seconds before the guide loads up. Changing TV channels is also very sluggish and when I'm recording one channel the picture becomes jerky on the other channels I'm viewing.

Vista MCE worked perfectly fine so I'm assuming Win 7 still has many performance affecting bugs.

My second issue is with H.264 playback in media center.

All of my movies are H.264 (apple tv) encoded and they all play fine out of the box with Windows 7 in Windows Media Player, however in Media Center many of them just dont play, they just start but never actually play (they stay on a black screen). They all played fine in Vista Media Center (with the Codec Community Pack [CCCP])

Is anyone else having issues with the new Media Center?
As suggested a clean install is the only way to go when installing something like an RC.. ;) I'm willing to bet if you'd done a clean install rather than an upgrade you wouldn't have these issues.. :)