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Computer has taken control of folder that I created. So here’s the situation. I’m trying to install a backdoor workaround that Adobe has put out to fix issues with their Creative Suite 2 because glitches they had with their activation server. So anyway the new file / install fails miserably so I’ve decided to abandon the install and I just need to delete the folder. The folder in question is one I created directly on C:\ at C:\Adobe. So Windows 8 is telling me I don’t have permissions to do that.

So I go to ‘Properties > Security and go through all the stuff to take ownership of the folder although it says I already have ownership of the folder It shows my Microsoft Hotmail email account which is the account I’m logged in to the machine with so I go through all the steps to give me “Full Control’ of the folder and all the sub folders and surprise (NOT) it won’t let me delete the folder. God I hate Microsoft. That’s something new, I have always been a great defender of Microsoft. Even had a certification from Microsoft. Went to school for 2000 But I gotta say Windows 8 has completely turned me around.

Any ideas on how to get rid of this folder


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Just took another try at it and I'm getting this error:

An error occurred while applying security information to:

C:\Adobe|Adobe helpcenteretc.etc.etc

The Access Control List (ACL) structure is invalid


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1. Set pemissions to "everyone" and "full control" and you can delete any Windows folders.
2. I don't really agree that deleting the folder will solve your other problems but that's not the point.

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Ha OK, silly me I had set it to me i.e. my login account. But anyway I'll give it a try. Anyway I gave it a try and It worked fine It’s weird though I was trying to delete stuff from a flash drive and it too was giving me issues with permissions I final formatted the drive and even then it left a folder on the drive. I suppose it could be a folder that came with the drive “System Volume Information” though I’m pretty sure it was part of a folder/files I had put there from something else. I don’t remember what was there before now.

As to deleting the folder I was just trying to clean up after a failed installation if the Adobe Files. Adobe’s install program would not install to “Program Files (x86)” it didn’t like th e”(x86) part of the path so I tried to point the install at C:\Adobe which seemed to be working but ultimately failed for other reasons So I abandoned the attempt to run the install.

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