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Is there a personal organiser included in Windows 7, or can someone recomend one for me please, I keep forgetting to do things and need some sort of reminder program. Thanks

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do you have an ipod touch or iphone they have some pretty good organizers on there in the app store then you can take it with you anywhere. also many smartphones have organizers As for a built in one I dont believe there is a built in one there are many 3rd party organizers you can buy though i think there is even a windows 7 gadget organizer also.

First off GO KRYPTO!, I've been trying to get the full collection of Krypto stuff for ages. I wanted to read the comics to my nephew, he loves superheroes and animals so I think he'll love em. Anyway sorry about that. Nope I don't have an ipod Touch or an iphone unfortunately. I looked online over at softpedia but the only software I could find was an unfinished program that the publishers even recomended against as it is "nowhere near completion". I will carry on looking then I suppose, but thanks for replying anyway. I don't use mobile phones and I already have an ipod classic, which I never use either really so it's not really worth me getting either of those just for the organiser.

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